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my name is andrea, i am invited to earth on a july afternoon of the 60ties - in milano, italy. my birth is my first big celebration. my parents are very happy too.

we live in zürich for a couple of years and then...continue



here a SELECTION of my performing work...for more infos please click here to see my CURRICULUM or contact me.

-my solo with blanchette from "the goat of monsieur seguin"


...a show for children between 4 to 104 years  .. continue

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"gate as.."(VIDEO)

Photos by Nick mangafas

oliver weber (composition), nurkan erpulat (libretto)a production from "progetto semiserio" and the "internationale gesellschaft für neue musik" (IGNM) in cooperation with WIEN MODERN, mediaopera and with the palais kabelwerk, with support by composition mandates of the ernst von siemens music foundation..  continue reading



Foto by Josef Vonblon


the embassy of astoria(VIDEO)

After a piece of jura soyfer. in astoria there are no unemployed, no crime, no misfortune. everything is better in astoria. the news is spreading rapidly from this wondrous state ...

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"vliesstoff"(VIDEO) based on the trilogy of the “golden fleece” by franz grillparzer.

the antic myth of medea is universally valid but gained particular significance lately through the raise of militant islamism in europe.

text, voice composition, and directing: thomas desi live electronics and drums: alexander schuster live electronics and soundscapes: gilbert handler lighting design: harald michlits video: andrea tiziani

"mirandolina" (VIDEO)

a hostel in florence around  1750: the impoverished marquese of forlipopoli and the nouveau riche earl of albafiorita are courting the intelligent and beautiful host mirandolina. also fabrizio the waiter, has a crush on her...

"showreel 2010"


"showreel 2018" with chapters