Blanchette complete EN

BLANCHETTE  "the goat of monsieur Seguin" is one of the (4) main characters in the „GoatOneManShow“: The other ones are : Me, monsieur Seguin, the wolf all played by myself.

Free after Alphonse Daudet's story of "The Goat of Monsieur Seguin" („Letters Of My Windmill“) a clown-comedy-theatre to watch, to participate, to interact, to comunicate...:

Once upon a time there was Monsieur Seguin who lived in a farm, together with his chicken, his pigs, his rabbits and his very very little goat. She had the beautiful name of Blanchette and for sure she didn't want to be eaten by the wicked wolf ( who was always starving of hunger, the poor wolf) Maääähhh!

Duration is approx. 50 min."We" perform in your house/in your classroom/ in your theater/at the marriage/at the festival...

for young people between 4 to 104 years (If some courageous 3 year old ones are there it is also ok..) prices p. nose and/or per flat rate