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the embassy of astoria

after a piece of jura soyfer. in astoria there are no unemployed, no crime, no misfortune. everything is better in astoria. the news is spreading rapidly from this wondrous state and requests for entry visas and international business inquiries are piling up. right in the middle two poor people in search of hope. it could all be so perfect if there was not a small problem: astoria does not exist. a state without land and people. pure imagination.

theaterfink and the theater group “romanosvato” adapt this timeless piece of jura soyfer to the street and interweave it with the current roma theme. what is a people without a state? what is a state without territory and people? jura soyfer projected in his tragicomic piece “astoria” longings and dreams of the underprivileged and oblivious to a utopia that is none. the theatre project “the embassy of astoria” shows that intercultural understanding, openness, tolerance and moral courage are more important than ever. we are all human beings and can only create a world like astoria ourselves – together!

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walking theatre with acting, puppetry and rousing Gipsy music. meeting point: 1030 – joe zawinul park 9 stations; ending at gasthaus knusperhäuschen – schlachthausgasse

opening night: august 30th. 2012 direction: sandra selimovic dramaturgy: susita fink, composition: TRIO KLOK, costumes: sandra sekanina With: andrea tiziani, simonida selimovic, sasa barbul, stefka böhme, ümit derin, melanie waldbauer, pillipp j. staudinger, susita fink, claudia hisberger, walter kukla. musik: TRIO KLOK. video by : andrea tiziani